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Secrets For Choosing A Great Dog Groomer  
By MiShaun Taylor

Just as you wouldn't go to any beautician or barber to get a hair cut, you shouldn't take your dog to any old groomer either. After all, your dog deserves to be with a groomer who is kind, gentle, empathic, and respectful of your dog’s unique personality and needs.

In this article, we'll teach you the secrets of finding a professional dog groomer and how to make the grooming process easier and less stressful for your four-legged friend. So, let's get started.

First, you should understand what the grooming process entails. For instance, dog grooming is much more than combing your dog’s hair. It also involves trimming your dog’s hair, nails, checking for signs of illness, etc. Therefore, it is important that you choose someone with experience who knows what they’re doing.

Second, don’t always go for the lowest price. Although we all want to get the best service for our money, we shouldn't limit ourselves to low cost providers. Consider this, although technicians at veterinarian offices tend to cost more, they are specially trained to notice medical difficulties and can act quickly, if needed. That is, during the grooming procedure, veterinarian techs perform “wellness checks” on your dog and if they notice any abnormalities like an ear infection, they will inform you and offer options to help him get better. Therefore, the higher upfront cost of a vet technician's services can be offset as they'll successfully diagnose medical problems during the grooming procedure that will save you costly veterinarian bills.

Third, if you don’t know whom to choose, ask for referrals from friends and family members, a boarding kennel, dog trainer or pet supply store. Another option is to visit the "pet grooming" section of your local phone book and then contact prospects to inquire about their grooming services.

Fourth, visit the prospect’s grooming facilities in person and make sure that:

• The facilities are clean
• The staff compassionate and knowledgeable
• They have credentials and proper grooming training
• They have no complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau or equivalent
• You can personally contact their satisfied customers
• They have clean and roomy cages
• They require vaccination records before accepting your dog.

Fifth, get clarification about what grooming services your dog will undergo and the price involved. For instance, will your dog receive a haircut, bath, brushing and combing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, etc? Is this all inclusive or do you have to pay extra for certain services? After the details have been worked out, make an appointment.

Sixth, get your dog used to the grooming procedure at home. This can be done by brushing your dog at home and getting him used to being handled. Not only will this make it easier for the groomer but will also help prevent stress on your dog as he’ll be used to the grooming process.

In conclusion, choosing the best dog groomer takes time but is well worth the effort. By understanding the dog grooming process, conducting research to find a qualified professional, and preparing your dog beforehand, you'll ensure that your dog is properly groomed by a professional you can trust.

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