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SINGAPORE : Some 3,600 stray and abandoned dogs are killed in Singapore every year, but animal lovers are hoping to give some of these dogs a second chance.

Volunteers from SOS Animals collected three-month-old Rosie from Jurong Island earlier this week.

The stray puppy is the star of a Death Row Adoption campaign being held this weekend.

She is being put up for adoption with 20 other stray cats and dogs.

Said Sandy Lim, founder of SOS Animals, "We are removing the dogs from Jurong Island because many of them are being starved to death, abused, or some of them died in very difficult circumstances -- they ate food laced with poison."

The AVA says it is not aware of any dog poisoning cases.

But it does round up some 3,600 stray dogs a year.

Most are put to sleep at the AVA's Centre for Animal Welfare and Control.

Said K Madhavan, head of the centre, "They would harass people, harass cyclists and there would be incidents of biting and it's also to save them from misery."

Rosie and her friends are the result of abandoned pets.

They have escaped death for now.

Animal lovers hope people will come forward to give these cats and dogs a new lease of life.

The adoption is being held from 10am to 6pm on Sunday at 64 Jalan Angin Laut, near Changi.

It is very hard to resist Rosie, but she will grow to be a full sized dog, so those who want to adopt her must be prepared to look after her for the rest of her natural life. - CNA /ct

Source - Channel News Asia