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Budgeting for a Dog  

Owning a dog involves expenses beyond the cost of the dog itself. Whether you adopt, or buy an expensive breed, or even if you are given a puppy, that's not the end of the story.

Additional Expenses

Vets Fees: This is probably the most important thing to budget for. Vets are expensive and even if you have the healthiest dog in the world you'll still have to pay for innoculations and basic healthcare (teeth, eyes, nails etc). You might want to consider pet health insurance (but read the small print).

Holidays: Even if you take your dog on holiday with you it can still cost more. Flights for dogs are very expensive and hotels (those that will take dogs) often charge a fee for extra cleaning. If you decide not to take Fido with you then you'll still have the extra cost of kenneling.

Grooming: Some breeds of dog require professional grooming, even if they don't you'll still have to fork out for dog shampoo, nail clippers, combs, brushes etc.

Food: The food you choose for your dog should be based on nutrition not cost (you get what you pay for).

Parasite prevention: Unfortunately we aren't the only ones who love our dogs.

Cleaning supplies: You will have to spend more on cleaning, both in terms of time and cost.

The Basic Equipment:-

Bowls - food and water (ceramic or stainless steel are best)

Collar for walking (something that shows up at night is a good idea)

Collar for training

Lead for walking

Lead for training

ID tag

Dog bed

Pooper scooper

Muzzle (even if you don't muzzle your dog, in some countries certain breeds or sizes have to be muzzled in public).

Optional Accessories:-

You can go as mad as you want to when buying accessories, but remember your dog won't really notice.

A carrying case is useful on public transport.

A basket, kennel or crate

Clothing - From protective clothing to the latest designer t-shirt - the sky's the limit.