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Is a Dog Right for You?  
By Randy Jones

Anyone who intends to have a dog as a pet should be aware that this is an important decision. A dog will not only make changes in your family’s everyday life, it will also, at times, cause problems. A dog is a living creature that needs your presence and care on a permanent basis. In return, your dog will provide much joy as a loyal, affectionate, and faithful companion.

You must determine whether you are in a position to cater to the animals various needs for as long as it lives, which is generally from 10 to 15 years. You must also consider the other expenses involved apart from the purchase price: food, grooming, and veterinary care. Besides the expense, your life – style, your activities, and your age should influence your choice of a dog.

You must also decide what you intend the dog to be: a pet, a watch dog, a guard dog, or a hunting dog. In the country, and suburbs, adequate space is no problem. City dwellers however, are well advised to choose a medium size animal since a big dog is likely to cause damage and be unhappy in a small home. Large breeds need up to 180 square yards of space, at least an hours walk every day, and should be allowed to play freely outside one day a week.

On the other hand, even small dogs can make poor urban pets. Any type of dog that has been bred to hunt needs to run regularly. Toy dogs that bark frequently, if not nervously, do not belong in thin walled apartments buildings where footsteps in the corridor or in the upstairs unit could confuse any animal that has territorial issues.

Finally, try to match the temperament of the dog with your disposition. For instance, a nervous person with limited living space might be happy to own a dog that barks readily. An athletic person will choose a muscular animal to jog with. A fastidious housekeeper would not be happy with a long haired breed. Before you take the plunge, weigh all your options carefully, theirs nothing more heartbreaking than to have to give up a pet after you have become attached to it.

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