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Dog Training: How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling On The Lead
By Cindy Heck

Doggy dancing 013I am pretty sure that your dog pulls on his lead every time you take him for a walk. And I am certain that you get annoyed especially when he takes you for walk instead of you taking him for a walk. Though this is a common misbehaviour among dogs, it could be dangerous in case he is able to escape because his collar or lead breaks. That is because dogs that are out of control or off-lead can be destructive.

There are many reasons why dogs do the lead pulling thing. Sometimes they get over excited about the things they see ahead that they cannot control themselves. Or not a good idea, the dog thinks he is the pack leader, so he takes the lead during your walks.

For any problem there is always a solution. Therefore, correcting this common dog misbehaviour is possible. If your dog gets excited on your walks and this excitement tends to make him pull on his lead, the best thing to do is let the excitement pass. Give sometime, say a few minutes, for your dog to calm down and when he is relaxed, you may continue. However if the problem is your dog feeling like he is the pack leader, this could be serious and probably going back to obedience training is the best solution. A formal obedience training school can be of great help, just remember that it's good if you are present during the whole training course.

An effective way for the dog to accept the collar and walk with you calmly is to keep him relaxed while putting on the lead. Let him sit down while you put on the collar. If he insists on standing up, make him sit down immediately. If he is able to keep calm with the collar and lead on, then you may take him for a walk. Just keep in mind that putting on the collar while the dog is not calm will result to your dog not walking properly.

Before taking your dog out, let him understand the rules he needs to learn. Let him understand that he is not allowed to rush out of the door by pulling the lead and make him sit for a while. Repeat the process until he is able to walk out of the door calmly. Being able to control your dog while on walk is a good sign of a well-trained dog.

Keeping your dog's attention focussed on you is also important, especially when you are walking. Good ways to keep his attention focused is by stopping from time to time and keep him sitted while on stop. Before you continue the walk, make sure that your dog is looking at you. If he begins to pull ahead of you again, stop him and make him sit. Do these things repeatedly until he can be trusted to stay by your side while walking. Just do not forget to praise him for his good behaviour.

Your dog does not know what is right or wrong unless you tell him. If you ignore his misbehaviour, it is just the same as saying that he is doing the right thing. Therefore, it is important to correct every misbehaviour of your dog as soon as you see it before it is too hard to correct it.

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